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Ordering X-ray Markers
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Tips For Ordering X-ray Markers

The following tips are to assist those who are new to the Radiology community or perhaps those interested in purchasing X-ray Markers as a gift.

The industry standard is as follows:

X-ray Markers are generally sold as a set. A set = (2) pieces typically a Right and a Left.

Typically the right marker is colored red and the left marker is colored blue however, we offer a variety of color choices.

Radiology Students should check with their clinical instructor or program director to verify if any color other than red and blue can be used while in training.

Our markers can be ordered as a typical set = Right and Left and can also be ordered as (2) Rights or (2) Lefts.  We also offer Single X-ray Markers (see below).

There is no additional charge for the adding of a third initial or number, nor is there any additional charge when ordering colors or styles other than standard colors.

Drop down menus are provided for the selection of colors. Initials where applicable are input into the text boxes provided.

If we can be of assistance to you in placing your marker order or answer your questions, please contact us at 1-866-770-9729 or Fax at 1-480-393-4715.

Single X-ray Marker Ordering Information

We now offer the option of purchasing single X-ray markers.  A single X-ray marker constitutes (1) marker of your choice.  This option allows for mixing or matching marker styles and allows coworkers and/or students to share the expense of a complete set.  Single marker ordering options are found on our Single X-ray Markers Page.